Let’s Get Organized!!!

All of us want to be able to find our stuff when we need it, but maintaining an organized state takes a lot of effort especially if you have children or a significant other who isn’t into your OCD happiness. Having a friend or even a neighbor come by when my house is a mess is my greatest anxiety.

My blog is to collaborate with others to share tips, tricks, find deals, and new products that we can all use. I want to find organizational methods for every aspect of a person’s life …. Kitchen, Bath, Closets, Laundry Room, Garage, Basement, Crafts, Pantry, Office, Car … Everything!!!

Who Am I ?

My name is Suzan, and I have 4 children who are almost all grown :(. My children range from my oldest daughter who is 25, daughter 21, son 18, daughter 14 who you might get to see in future videos or pictures. I also have 3 new grandbabies this year (2012), as my daughter # 2 had twins in January…boy Max, and girl Elizabeth (Ella), and my oldest daughter had a son Stetson in April….WHAM I’m a Grandma AAAAAA!!!!

When they were small I prayed I would make it through till they left the nest. Now  I enjoy doing everything with them that I dreamed of (shopping 🙂 ), but when I am with babies and toddlers I find I miss that age as they needed me in a different way, which was more physical. As they get older I find that I still want to save them when they are in some sort of struggle, but I have to remember that my over helping isn’t allowing them to find their own solutions. Discomfort will put a fire in them that will help them grow.  Following are some of my organizational stories, and blogs so please tell me your stories.
When my children were small I tried everything to keep up with my passion for being organized, which is a challenge especially where they played. I went from organizing Barbie products with containers for each (clothes, shoes, accessories, and cars/rvs/boats/pools/etc) at first. That was not very realistic if I wanted my 5-8 year old to put her toys away, as just getting them to do it is sometimes more difficult than I have energy/time for…then to expect her to separate everything….HA HA  I laugh now. Then I progressed to giant bins for each category of toy (Barbie, dolls, kitchen, misc.) with name tags on the outside, and then to a bigger bin that I could just through toys in.
My car was much easier to organize as the children are restrained from moving around, as they are in seat belts and car seats (I will share my secrets in a blog). If our family was going on a road trip to grandmas I would put them all in the car in their restraints, and run back into the house to vacuum/pickup as fast as I could before they finished their snack. It just feels so good to come home to a clean house, and even fresh sheets.
When my son was about 12, and having one of those days when pestering his sisters was all he could think of doing. So remembering that Father’s Day was coming up I decided to involve him in a project I thought he would like to do (HA HA everything at that age is boring). My favorite magazine just happened to come a few days before (The Family Handyman), and I had seen the idea of a tool cabinet that was really cool, organized, and closed so it had storage in the doors. Off to the home improvement store together to get supplies. I got a peg board so that we could put adjustable shelves in it, and drilling the holes through the peg board. Using the pegboard as a stencil/pattern, as well as getting an aperatice that would help us get the right depth for the pegs. Let me say that his attention span was not quit there to finish the project, but I got it done, and it was great. It had a fold down work bench with shelves underneath for the drill, skill saw, sander, etc, and pegboard up above. On the doors I had adjustable shelves where everything else from baby jars filled with their assortment of bolts, screws can be stored. I made sure that I screwed this big monstrosity to a stud in the garage wall to make sure it didn’t fall on someone or a car.
My laundry room was another fun project, which I did with old discarded cabinets that my mom was going to throughout when she remodeled her kitchen. In the garage I stripped all the years of grit, grease, and grim with TSP substitute, which I got at the home improvement store (make sure you use chemical proof gloves when using this product). Then I painted them a moss green, and applied a crackle medium on the trim/edge, then sponged on a cream paint. I loved the memories the cabinets brought with them and the organization it brought to my laundry room.
My Kitchen is also a place I am obsessed with … from my pantry to the refrigerator…. These secrets I will share in my blogs.
So there you have my passion/OCD/obsession in a nut shell.

Please join me to share your secrets in helping you deal with your obsession

I will also be adding links to my favorite stores for organizational products, so please share yours as well, and I will add them to our site.

Happy Organizing !!!!!