Let’s look at this rectangle that keeps us from having food poisoning…They come in a variety of options, and colors just right for your needs, and decorating talents. It is more difficult than you would think considering the size, but some of the products are in their own containers, as well as small area to work with. For the cheapest method I have used would be Ziplocs (which I don’t know how the pioneers made it without them) to actual containers of all sizes with lids. This last method pros are that you can preserve all sizes of leftovers, but the cons is that you have to have storage area for all the containers when you aren’t using them, and hope that the lid is there when you need it (I am pretty sure that my lids go on road trips, because they are not there when I am looking for them, but find them when I don’t need them).
Please share your Refrigerator secrets to keep this small space organized, and your significant other can find what he is looking for (it’s always behind the ketchup).